About SmartVote

Introducing SmartVote, the Steem quality content Smart Vote system
Hello Steemians, we are excited to introduce you to SmartVote, a new SP delegation-based content upvote service. SmartVote service has been designed for quality content creators who are willing to submit posts or comments on a daily basis. It will allow you get the best of your voting power. ![SmartVote Services Banner](https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmUpJgBU1ia3wvPXCchjrYk3paXhyMMSZD5zcuPW2jY2YU/SmartVote%20Banner.png) The SmartVote team is composed of Steemians who love and believe in Steem. We want to work on the long term and help improving Steem by giving incentives to quality content creators. By providing with a simple and reliable way for content creators to get return on their effort, we are hoping to make Steem even more attractive to not only retain existing users by also bring new bloggers in. SmartVote does not target just Steemians with a large wallet, we also want to help Planktons and Minnows to grow into bigger fishes. So our entry SP delegation amount is very accessible (more on that in the the min/max section below).
The Concept
The SmartVote system works via SP delegation from its members and combines the received delegated SP to provide a return the form of daily upvotes on your posts or comments at 10x your delegate SP. ### The rules These rules are created to protect both parties involved and to promote better content to the Steem blockchain and add value to it. The major rules to participate in the SmartVote community are: 1. Quality content: single photo, short posts, plagiarism, spam and scam posts are not allowed. 2. Violence, self-harm, politics & political opinion, religion, nsfw and drugs are not allowed. 3. We won't allow transfer of your vote quota to a second choice if you don't have any posts or comments during the day. ![Get rewarded for quality content](https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmSfGqpKbdj6VEGubSW5n7Bssm1HA68h13SJirFoAM6giU/Smartvote%20Quality%20Content.jpg) ### Quality content Our aim is to help Steemians grow on the Steem blockchain but also to add value to the blockchain itself. This is why, we will require posts and comments to meet certain quality criteria. In order to be selected for a daily upvote, your content must meet these minimum requirements in addition to the rules above: - Posts have to be at least 170 words long - Comments have to be at least 10 words long and related to the post they are added on ### The process We wanted to make this service as simple to use and as safe as possible. Here are 5 simple steps to receive upvotes from SmartVote: 1. Delegate an amount of SP (see the min/max section below) to our @smartvote account and you will receive in return 10x of that SP as daily upvote on your posts or comments. 2. We will start to upvote your posts or comments every day at 12:00 AM (Midnight) EST, upvoting for your oldest (up to 5 days old) content first. 3. If no eligible (see the rules and quality content sections above) content is found, you will **not** receive any vote. Unused votes **cannot** be accumulated for later use. Left-over SP from unused votes will be later used for Minnow Support contests to encourage community growth on the platform. 4. The bot will **not** leave any comments on your content. 5. **At any time**, if you are not satisfied with our service, you can simply un-delegate and take back all your SP. You have full control and nothing to loose.
The return On Investment (ROI)
SmartVote is offering one of the highest ROI from your own Steem Power (SP) in comparison to other similar services on the Steem blockchain. ![Smartvote Daily Content Upvote.jpg](https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmaicmPuddzU8hg7eiFb2FaUYN2Tx311fcdrqM7usFeUPk/Smartvote%20Daily%20Content%20Upvote.jpg) #### Daily upvote on your content For every SP you delegate to the @smartvote account, you will receive one daily upvote at 100% vote weight from a vote power equal to 10x the delegated SP. For example: - If you delegate 75 SP, @smartvote will upvote you at 100% weight with 750 SP. - If you delegate 200 SP, @smartvote will upvote you at 100% weight with 2000 SP. - If you delegate 500 SP, @smartvote will upvote you at 100% weight with 5000 SP. - If you delegate 1000 SP, @smartvote will upvote you at 100% weight with 10000 SP. - If you delegate 5000 SP, @smartvote will upvote you at 100% weight with 50000 SP. To help you estimate your ROI, we have built the [SmartVote Calculator](https://smartvoteservices.com/calc.html) ![Smartvote Daily Steem Payout.jpg](https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmS6dXht8PQhc7p4ehoCB7X5QiSjzBkqDkdzZAGPze3c66/Smartvote%20Daily%20Steem%20Payout.jpg) #### Daily payout of STEEM your wallet If you need to go on holidays and are not able to post any content, you can choose to switch from daily upvotes to daily payout. Delegate some SP to @smartvote to help us upvote quality content on the Steem blockchain and get rewarded at a rate of 13% per annum relative to the amount of SP you have delegated. For example: - If you delegate 100 SP, @smartvote will pay you 0.0356 Steem daily - If you delegate 200 SP, @smartvote will pay you 0.07123 Steem daily - If you delegate 400 SP, @smartvote will pay you 0.1425 Steem daily - If you delegate 500 SP, @smartvote will pay you 0.178 Steem daily - If you delegate 1000 SP, @smartvote will pay you 0.356 Steem daily - If you delegate 5000 SP, @smartvote will pay you 1.78 Steem daily To help you estimate your ROI, we have built the [SmartVote Calculator](https://smartvoteservices.com/calc.html)
How to delegate to @smartvote
Head to SmartVote Delegation tool: [https://smartvote.com/delegation.html](https://smartvote.com/delegation.html) ![Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 3.02.48 pm.png](https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmYpkQnVVerd6EaVnUpY1XwSPSyE5Ls1BwJ3ufVDuxfSMz/Screen%20Shot%202018-08-10%20at%203.02.48%20pm.png) Enter your Steem account in the `Delegator account` field and click on the `Load` button. ![Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 3.03.06 pm.png](https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmbdF8LXoP1pRJTD4TFGVyDF6gw7kCuKfcP9m9DjkivoQa/Screen%20Shot%202018-08-10%20at%203.03.06%20pm.png) In the `Add or Update Delegation` pane, enter `smartvote` as delegatee, enter the `Amount in SP` you want to delegate and click on the `Delegate!` button.
IMPORTANT NOTES: Minimum and maximum SP to delegate
We are hopping to create a quality service that can be sustainable. We need to be able to upvote all members and deliver as promised, at any given time, SmartVote can only upvote to a max of 100% upvote weight. This is why there is a minimum and maximum amount of SP a new member can delegate to the @smartvote account. As we are trying to be flexible, if you are willing to delegate an amount outside of this range, please contact us on Discord and we will try to get to an arrangement.
Minimum amount of SP to delegate = 25 SP
Maximum amount of SP to delegate = 11% of @smartvote total SP. So if @smartvote has 75,000 SP, the maximum to delegate is 8250 SP
SmartVote transfer commands
### Taking a break One of the recipes for success on Steem is: quality over quantity (write less often but of higher quality), dedication (keep up with the good work) and engagement (don't be a lonewolf, socialize, comment on other's posts, reply to comments on your posts). But there are times when you might need to take a break and won't be able to write content for an extended period of time, you can choose to switch from `daily upvotes` to `daily payout` mode (see the list of transfer memo commands further down). In the `daily payout` mode, you will receive daily transfers of STEEM into your wallet at a rate of 13% per year (see details below). ### Allocation your SmartVote delegated SP to another Steemian If you regularly do contests, this is for you. You can now delegate SP to SmartVote and allocate part or all of those SP to one or more users (the winners). All is done via transfer MEMOs: - `allocate 500 SP to @winner1` - `allocate 200 SP to @winner2` For more MEMO commands see our [list of available lists](https://smartvoteservices.com/commands.html).
How to get more from SmartVote
### Launch week, 2x upvote for everyone! Until 23:50 EST on Sunday September 2nd, all new delegators will get their upvote weight doubled! For example, if you delegate 500 SP to @smartvote, you would normally get upvoted with 5000 SP but until 23:50 EST on Sunday September 2nd, you will get upvoted with 10000 SP! The earlier you delegate, the more double upvote you will receive. Don't miss your chance! [Delegate today](https://smartvote.com/delegation.html). ### Resteem and get rewarded To celebrate the launch of our service we will offer an upvote of 5% weight to the first 50 users who resteem this introduction post. To be eligible you need at least 500 followers on your account. All you need to do is resteem this introduction post and leave a comment here to let us know, we will upvote the first 50 valid comments. ### Increase your daily upvote value Until December 1st 2018, help us get the words out and get rewarded with higher upvote values. By using one of the following methods, add a footer to your post or comments and we will increase your current upvote weight by 20%. For example, if your current upvote weight is 13%, by using our banner or footer you will get 15.%. **Footer for a post** Use the following Markdown code at the end of your posts: ``` [![Member of the SmartVote community](https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmRHacjoKVB63ni65gJtT6wfHkLDZgChbMVKsjmC9y1xan/SmartVote%20Banner.png)](https://steemit.com/@smartvote/introducing-smartvote-the-steem-quality-content-upvote-system) ``` This will add the following banner: [![Member of the SmartVote community](https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmUpJgBU1ia3wvPXCchjrYk3paXhyMMSZD5zcuPW2jY2YU/SmartVote%20Banner.png)](https://steemit.com/@smartvote/introducing-smartvote-the-steem-quality-content-upvote-system) **Footer for a comment** Use the following Markdown code at the end of a comment: ``` [Member of the SmartVote Community](https://steemit.com/@smartvote/introducing-smartvote-the-steem-quality-content-upvote-system) ``` This will add the following footer: [Member of the SmartVote community](https://steemit.com/@smartvote/introducing-smartvote-the-steem-quality-content-upvote-system) ### Contest At some point, we will post a writing contest for those who don't have enough SP to delegate and don't have enough followers for the resteem rewards. Keep an eye out for our post. ## Contact us If you would like more clarifications please contact us on our Discord server: [https://discord.gg/nGkEtAc](https://discord.gg/nGkEtAc). Alternatively, you could also leave a comment on our posts, but a direct chat can make life simpler. For up-to-date information about our services, please head to our website: [https://smartvoteservices.com/](https://smartvoteservices.com/) Thank you for using our service! The SmartVote team.